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NATATA eBook Compiler Free 2.1 is a powerful application that allows you to pack and compress a lot of files, including HTML, WAV, TXT, JPG, CSS, GIF, MID, DHTML, JavaScript, FLASH and many more. You will be able to convert all the mentioned formats into a specific format that can be launched in an e-book like interface. The program can be used to compile offline web pages, e-books, presentations and more. Basically what the program does is to compile your files so that they can be used on a e-book interface.
By using NATATA eBook Compiler Free 2.1, you will be able to decompress all content in a very short amount of time. You will also be able to burn your eBooks in CD's, extract them to diskettes, upload them on Internet or attach them by e-mail. Something great about this program is that it allows you to create products without having to pay anything at all. You can choose to protect your eBooks with a password if you want it to be more secure.
NATATA eBook Compiler Free 2.1 comes with a lot of tips that will introduce you into the eBook world and will guide you on how to get the most profit to the program. The application's interface is very intuitive and friendly.

Sebastian Fernandez
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  • It allows you to compress and pack HTML, WAV, TXT, JPG, CSS, GIF and many more files
  • It's easy to use to use
  • It allows you to add passwords to your eBooks


  • It doesn't have any disadvantage
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